"I first brought our German Shepherd pup, Guinness, to complete your puppy socialization classes and went on to do the first level of clicker training as well. Guinness has turned out to be an amazing companion and a very fast learner. People are always surprised at how responsive and obedient he is.
I also had a private consultation with regards to Reese, my miniature pinscher, who was anxious-aggressive towards children. She has come a long way since then, and is now very friendly with kids of all ages. I doubt we would have the harmony in our house that we do now without your support and training."
--M. Sorenson

" . . . I enjoyed the small class size and the individual attention I received with my puppy, Charley. I found the puppy introduction classes very useful for introducing Charley to training and for the next level of obedience classes. . . . Tonji's knowledge of dog training and obedience is outstanding and I really learned a lot from her classes. I would recommend her classes and knowledge to any dog owners."

--K. MacKinnon, Charlottetown

"Quid, my 1 yr. old Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog, has been attending classes at Canine Company since she was 9 weeks old. Quid looks forward to going to "school"! The class size is small which allows individual attention and plenty of room to work. Together Quid and I have learned so many new skills including behaviour, obedience and tricks. Tonji works and teaches the dogs in a very positive and rewarding way and Quid absolutely loves her. As a veterinarian and a dog owner I can honestly say take your pup to Canine Company. Your dog will love you for it!"

--L. Pack, DVM, Charlottetown

". . . Canine Company training is awesome! My puppy and I had a great time each time we went and learned lots. Tonji is very friendly and the dogs love her. She is very supportive and is more than willing to help with any training issues that you may be having and is very quick to respond. I highly recommend Canine Company and Tonji. Give it a try and you will be very pleased."

--T. Judson, Charlottetown

"After adopting our newest dog, I wanted to attend training classes to help build our bond. Tonji’s clicker training classes were recommended to me by a friend. For many years, I had trained in basic obedience with previous dogs and this was my first attempt at clicker training - I am now a complete convert, thanks to Tonji! She  has a genuine love for all dogs and an extensive knowledge of canine behaviour.  Her natural teaching ability and her concern for each of her clients are what truly sets Tonji apart. Tonji’s training sessions are extensively tailored to individuals as she adapts to each dog’s learning “style". My dog and I had so much fun and I’ve never had a dog so happy to have a training session!"

--A. Matthews, DVM

"Our family was thrilled with the arrival of our first pup; but, our excitement was soon replaced with concern. After a full week, this 6 month old pup had not settled in, still snarling and snapping at friends and family when they came near her. Tonji came to our home for a private consultation. She was prepared, professional, knowledgeable and, most importantly, compassionate. She took the time to get to know our family and to educate us on dog behavior, all while walking us through our various alternatives. Ultimately, we made the difficult decision to return the pup to the breeder so that the pup could find a more suitable home, and our family could find a more "family friendly" pup. Tonji has kept in touch with our family to follow our progress and to help us in our search for a new four legged family member. We are expecting our new pup in a couple of weeks and are looking forward to working with Tonji again when we enroll in her puppy training program!!"

--T. Newson, Charlottetown

"I trained my Newfoundland dog, Dorie, in one of your classes. Dorie has been a dream dog ever since and hubby and I have been delighted with her. Everyone remarks upon how well-behaved she is and I attribute that to your clicker training class. Thank you. You have left a lasting legacy behind on "The Rock".

--B. Dawe, Dorie and Hero, Mount Pearl, NL

" . . . You are an excellent instructor and have an insightful understanding of dogs along with the patience of a saint. Thank you once again."
--Linda Satchell and Lucy, Charlottetown